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visual art

Words that You Hear

"Words That You Hear" is for all of us. It is about the importance of the words we say to ourselves, these narratives that we bury in our deep core regarding who we are in the world.  It is about first recognizing the false identities hidden within and then about speaking truth back into those lies. It a song for every age, every gender, every person. Love cannot be given if we do not first receive it within ourselves.

Something That Tells Me

"Something that Tells Me" is about the wrestle with chronic suffering, about the fatigue that sets in when you don't know when relief and respite will finally come. The question of God's goodness when walking the hard road has been a cry of the human heart since the beginning of time. And while there are no easy answers for some of our deepest questions, I have found that sometimes the comfort that brings the most hope meets us in the mysterious space beyond words.

You Are More

"You are More" was written to challenge all the labels that make up what it means to be a woman, the things that box us in and stifle us to stay small. It started as a response to the #MeToo movement, but has grown into a message I want to give to all the women of the world. We are so much more than we know.

When It's All Over

"When It's All Over" was created during quarantine while grieving over all that was lost. It began as a practice of noticing all the small things that make up the day, these seemingly minute moments that don't seem to matter until we take the time to even notice them.  It has become a love letter documenting the littlest things that end up being everything.

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