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"Oh frantic mind, you cannot hear, when you are inundated by all the noise.”

The heart behind Sacred Embodiment retreats is to help us quiet down using Contemplative practices, art, poetry, music, and nature. On these retreats, we practice hearing ourselves breathe and slowing our breath to settle our nervous systems. We learn how our mind and body and soul are all connected and why it matters that we pay attention. We meditate on ancient Scripture and poetry. We awaken our senses with lemongrass oil and decadent chocolate. We take slow walks surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. We rest and nap. We stretch our bodies. We sit with our tiredness. We engage our hidden and unfelt feelings. We practice taking gentle, loving care of ourselves.

These retreats are co-ed, small group and will be offered as half-day or full-day options. These retreats will be hosted at a local monastery near Madison, WI and will consist of a mix of contemplative sessions led by me using poetry, art, and music, as well as free space to read, walk trails, nap, etc. Each retreat will include a packet of supplies to use during the retreat as well as on your own when you return home. Retreats will also include a farm-to-table lunch prepared by a private chef using ingredients grown on-site. 

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